Boarding facilities & Transportation


We offer 24/7 boarding facilities with on-site supervision. We offer long term full care and self care options as well as short term full care and self care options.

We have several trailers and the ability to travel to any destination. 

Fixing Peoples' Horse Problems, and Horses' People Problems

horse camps & Birthday parties


We have 5 regular kid's horse camps per year and 1 advanced kid's horse camp per year, and 3 Adult Horse Camps per year. During regular horse camp we teach basic horse care, horseback riding and teamwork. 

Birthday Parties can be customized to your needs, including horse rides!

training horses & people


We offer riding lessons for ages 3-103, beginner to professional. We can do Individual and group lessons with our horses or yours. We also work with gymkana riders to train for upcoming competitions.

We also offer training of horses to create a partnership and allow the horse and rider to grow together.

Al's Horse Academy

8876 E Hawthorn, Hereford, AZ

(520) 227-1659